Hanwi Set


Hanwi, the spirit of the moon, holds a sacred place in Lakota mythology. Associated with femininity and motherhood, Hanwi is believed to guide the cycle of life and death. She illuminates the night sky, rendering the darkness conquerable by light.

Silk shirt and trousers with embroidered velvet kaftan. This Couture set was totally handmade with the finest Moroccan craftsmanship and high-end details inside out.

The 3 pieces are versatile and can be worn together for a polished total look, or separately as each piece is special on its own. The trousers cords are optional for more versatility, they can be tied at the ankles for a sharp look or removed for a classic look. 

Colors: Royal Blue Velvet kaftan. Cream Silk shirts and trousers with flower prints.

One size fits S, M, L. The kaftan and the shirt are adjusted at the shoulders and wide at the hips. The trousers are wide and adjustable are the waist.

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